The 3 R’s

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the Best Ways to Save Money!


Garden Recycling Hints from Mistress Rose

You know those clear plastic tops that come on cakes and croissants at the grocery store?  They make great minigreenhouse caps for seeds you put out.  I also used the plastic tops off of some takeout meals at Applebees.  They are helping my cold tolerant seeds like spinach, snow peas, and lettuce to break ground, and keep them just warm enough at night so that the occasional cold plunge is not harming them.

To stabilize them from the wind set a rock on top.  They are small, so my garden is a patchwork of plastic, but they are free!

Also, you can recycle the old plastic window blinds as plant labels.  Using a regular pair of scissors, cut the blinds individually from the unit into 8 inch strips.  Cut off the cord and wind it up for use elsewhere.  Throw the rest away.  Then you can write the name of the plant on the strips with a ball point pen and stick it into the ground!

Use ball point instead of permanent marker, because the pen will leave behind an imprint in the plastic even if the ink washes off.