Suburban Homesteading


People and families who have lived far from metropolitan areas all their lives are ahead of the game when it comes to saving money and knowing how to stretch a budget through re-using, or repurposing everything from clothes to old pots.  Those who grew up and live in the suburbs have less training in this arena.  Not to mention the health benefits!  Why spend money on a gym when there is a tree to plant or a room to paint?

Just because your parents were not handy with tools, does not inhibit you from being able to fix a lot of items, grow some nice vegetables or can your own food to save money.  Below you will find a number of ideas and articles to stimulate new ideas.

A Different Take on Exercise

Edible Landscapes for HMO Sufferers 


Would you like to learn how to be a Solar Chef?  Or how to use the sun to dry and preserve foods?

Ever thought it would be fun to can your own foods?

Rosie Kern began preserving fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats for over 45 years by home canning, pickling, freezing and dehydrating.   Click on the links below to view how!

Managing a Suburban Harvest – Solar Ranch

Becoming a Solar Chef – Solar Ranch

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