Re-using Mulch Bags

Do you like to garden or do yard work?

Recently I landscaped my front yard and in doing so purchased 80 bags of mulch, each of which contained 2 cubit foot of material.  Another 30 bags of garden soil was mixed with homemade compost for some new raised beds.

As I emptied each bag I thought to myself there really should be another use for these other than going into the recycling bin.  As it turned out I was right.  The mulch bags are about the same size as my kitchen trash can, and the smaller garden soil bags fit into the office and bedroom wastebaskets!

The trick to making good reusable trash sacks is to open the bags at the top – nick a corner and pull hard straight across, or use scissors to get an even tear. Once the first bag is empty, use it as storage for the rest of the bags.  Roll or wad them up and stuff inside.  I filled up three of the bags with the others and set them in my storage shed.

These bags are perfect to collect yard trash, and my husband uses them in his garage workshop.

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