Making Money with FUNdraising Events!

Rose Marie Kern’s Making Money with FUNdraising Events!  is an  instant fundraiser in a book—simply add enthusiasm and watch your       revenue and donations grow.  Kern takes a can-do approach to raising funds .   No  matter the  size  of  your  group,  Making  Money  with  FUNdraising Events!  will give you tones of ideas to boost your treasury.  Kern’s writing is clear and—like the book’s title—FUN.

Rob Spiegel, Journalist and Past President of SouthWest Writers


In your hands is a gold mine.  This book is a great roadmap for any event manager.  Written by one who knows, it contains basics for the first-time manager of any event, as well as ideas to grow established events.  Kern’s suggestions can be followed to a “T” or can be springboards to innovative ideas of your own.  Thanks to her our annual fundraiser, the Solar Fiesta, continues to be fun and educational!

          Mary McArthur, Executive Director, New Mexico Solar Energy Assn

A Step by Step Guide


One of the basic conditions of being human is the desire to make our world a better place. Most people begin by improving their personal environment. They become educated, get a job, and create a home or a lifestyle that suits them.In the United States thousands of people look beyond their personal comforts. At some point in their lives they see something that just does not sit right with them, and they feel strongly enough that they want to do something about it. So they join other like-minded individuals and search for ways to change the situation.Thus are non-profit organizations born.

So, you form a group of giving, caring and enthusiastic individuals who are ready to change the world.But how?Just about everything you do these days costs money. Your group may want people to understand the need for better animal shelters, or feels the public needs to acknowledge African Dance as both a method for getting in shape and understanding world culture. You may feel the coal burning power plants in your state should be replaced with wind and solar energy or that kids need to be taught to defend themselves.Whatever your people want to accomplish requires thought, time, dedication and money. Unless your organization has managed to recruit a benevolent millionaire into the membership, the most challenging portion of this equation is the money.

Unfortunately, most small organizations find they call on their own members for financial support to the point that the members have nothing left to give. Meetings become nothing more than singing the same song over and over to the same group of people. They need an instrument through which they can make money. Ideally, it should also focus attention on the goals of the organization.

A fundraising event is a very powerful tool. This method of gaining revenue offers several advantages:

  • •A focus for sponsorships and grants
  • •A way to enhance Community participation
  • •Highlights the concerns of the organization in the community
  • •Rallies excitement among the members and volunteers
  • •Provides a vehicle to increase membership

How do you go about deciding what kind of fundraising event to use? How do you organize it? What needs to be done to put it together?Hundreds of events can and do take place yearly. For maximum effectiveness, your event should be tailored to your organization’s mission. What kind of fundraising event would be appropriate for your organization? The possibilities are huge and constantly evolving. Some, like The New Mexico Solar Energy Association’s SOLAR FIESTA are natural outshoots of what and who the parent organization is.

Some fundraisers demand a quiet, elegant approach, whereas others are very down-to-earth or wild and crazy. The best fundraising is also FUN-Raising. We are all volunteers, and we have something to give the world. Why not enjoy ourselves in the process? In this book we will show event options and give examples. Then we will go over the steps involved in turning a great idea into a reality.

Rose Marie Kern’s “Making Money with FUNdraising Events!” Is an instant fundraiser in a book—simply add enthusiasm and watch your revenue and donations grow. Kern takes a can-do approach to raising funds . No matter the size of your group, Making Money with FUNdraising Events! will give you tones of ideas to boost your treasury. Kern’s writing is clear and—like the book’s title—FUN.

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