Solar Ranch is both a place and a vision of how traditional homesteads can be married successfully with modern concepts of sustainability.   The majority of people in America are disconnected from their sources of food, clothing, energy, and even their entertainment by modern technology.  We embrace this technology, but what happens when it fails?

Most people have experienced minor breaks in their lifestyles when a short term disaster cuts off electricity or cell phone service.  We gripe about spiking prices of foods when favorite vegetables or fruits are in short supply – without even understanding why.  Do people ever even stop and think about the mechanics of how things work anymore?

Although born and raised in the suburbs of southern Indianapolis, I was a Girl Scout.  “Be Prepared” was a motto I learned very young.  We were taught to think about the “maybe” – what can happen in various situations – and how can we handle them if we do.

As an adult my job sent me to several different areas of the U.S. and for the last few decades I’ve lived primarily in New Mexico.  It is amazing how many people have no clue how to grow and preserve food, or how to build or repair structures,  sew clothes, or even do simple first aid without rushing to the nearest medical facility.

Solar Ranch is a place in between the modern world of technology and the extreme regions of ultimate sustainability.  We have, and share with you, many skills which anyone can tap into, understand and use in their daily lives.  We encourage everyone to look beyond the now and think about the “what if” scenarios of life – not to scare people, but to make them realize that just thinking about the “maybe”, is the first step to knowing that whatever happens you have a plan of action sitting softly in your mind ready with options.

Greetings Fellow Self-Reliance Enthusiasts ,

If you wonder what my life is like down here in New Mexico and also if you have an interest in Solar Cooking, you might enjoy this youtube video featuring … me.  (Ta Da!) This was filmed in late fall of last year, but Luther did not get around to posting it until early spring.  I beg to point out that his cameras were unfortunately set at waist level…and this video in part made me realize how badly I needed to go on a diet. (I’ve lost about 27 pounds since then).

The first 26 minutes are in my front yard about solar cooking, then we take a tour of my sunroom/greenhouse.  We stroll out to where I have the solar vegetable dehydrator and at 33 minutes we are in the garden area ending up by the beehive.   I hope you enjoy the tour of my property!




“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, pitch manure, cook a meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly…specialization is for insects.” – Robert Heinlein