Solar Recipe Contest


Every submission of a recipe or story entered into the Solar Chef recipe and story contest will be entered into a drawing for an All American Solar Oven produced by Sun Ovens International, retail cost $389.00. 

Each category listed below will also  have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.  Winning entries will be published in the 2020 Solar Chef Cookbook.

  • 1st place:  $50, a certificate and a 2020 Solar Chef Cookbook
  • 2nd place:  A Solar Chef Apron, certificate and a 2020 Solar Chef Cookbook
  • 3rd place:  A certificate and a 2020 Solar Chef Cookbook

Rules and Requirements

Food Categories:

  • Omelets and Egg Dishes
  • Casseroles and Vegetable Dishes
  • Chili, Soups and Stews
  • Meat Dishes
  • Vegetarian Main Dishes
  • Breads, Cakes and Desserts
  • Appetizers and Snacks

The contestants must use solar powered devices only.  These may include:

  • Solar box type cookers (commercial or home built)
  • Solar tube cookers
  • Parabolic cookers
  • PV powered hotplates

No additional power sources are permitted for heating food.

A submission fee of $10.00 and permission for RMK Publications and Solar Ranch to publish the winning entries are required to enter the contest.

All recipes submitted will be cooked by staff members at Solar Ranch using a solar cooker as close to the one described by the contestant as possible.  Contestant must certify that they are the author of the recipe and include a photo of the dish being cooked using a solar cooker.

Recipes should be typed up using standard cooking measurements.  All items must be cooked in a solar cooker, though non-cooked garnishes or toppings may be used after cooking and specified as such in the recipe.   Type of solar oven used must be specified.

Recipes should include information on approximately how many servings the dish will serve, and whether the dish must have clear skies (SKC) or if thin overcast/partly cloudy (PC) conditions will suffice.

Judging criteria:


  1. Suitability – Does the prepared recipe fit the capabilities of the cooker design?  Does this recipe fit the category entered?
  2. Taste & Aroma – richness of flavor and texture. Does the aroma make you want to dig right in?  Do the ingredients blend well or is one overpowering. Once you swallow, does the flavor linger in a pleasant manner?
  3. Appeal – How appealing is the prepared dish in appearance? Besides being great tasting, the finished dish should LOOK tempting and delicious. (Photographs required)
  4. Difficulty – Was the recipe too easy (i.e. a simple open can heat and serve)?   Were the ingredients difficult to come by?
  5. Instructions: Approximately How long should it take to cook?  Full Sun or Partly cloudy?  Were the steps easy to follow?
  6. Nutrition – How nutritious is the recipe?  Does the recipe use a variety of ingredients?
  7. Extra points: Did the author recommend organic options or efficient cooking methods? Could the recipe be made gluten free? Dairy free?


  • Photographs: ALL RECIPES MUST INCLUDE A PHOTOGRAPH OF IT BEING COOKED IN A SOLAR OVEN.  *photo may include chef (optional) in picture.

*NOTE:  Photographs may be included in the book with winning entries.  They will be Black and White in the cookbook and color in the ebook and on the Solar Ranch website.

The name of the submitter will be included in the Solar Chef cookbook along with the recipe unless the entrant requests otherwise.


Suggestions for an outstanding dish:

 Eye appeal is the first impression you’ll make. Besides being great tasting, the finished dish should LOOK tempting and delicious in the accompanying photo.  Concentrate on a unique way of mixing textures and flavors, but use common ingredients that anyone can pick up at the local supermarket or grocery store. Don’t just describe it, give it an interesting name!


Disclaimer: All entries become property of RMK Publications.  RMK Publications and Solar Ranch reserve the right to modify stories, photos, or recipe formatting and information in the Solar Chef 2020 cookbook without contacting the submitter.  Entries may be used in publicity.