The Solar Chef – A Southwestern Recipe Book for Solar Cooking

The Solar Chef – A Southwestern Recipe Book for Solar Cooking

Solar Cookbook Front“A different kind of cookbook”

There are hundreds of cookbooks in the world, most of them require grills, stoves, microwaves, or campfires. The Solar Ranch out of Arabela, New Mexico has published a cookbook full of recipes that use a different source of heat – the sun.

“The Solar Chef” is a southwestern recipe book full of recipes and instructions for cooking delicious meals using only sunlight and a solar box cooker. The author, Rose Marie Kern, a longtime member of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association, has collected recipes from Texas to Arizona.

“Using a solar cooker brings a bright new element to food preparation,” says Ms. Kern. “Unlike conventional ovens, the cookers retain moisture – so roasts and casseroles do not dry out. They can be used to bake, roast, or slow-cook.” Proponents of solar cooking say that foods cooked in sunlight have a fuller flavor than most cooked conventionally.

This unique cookbook offers 80 recipes that have been tried and tested by Rose and other solar cooking aficionados. She also offers general hints for a broad variety of other uses of the solar ovens such as drying herbs, and explains why some dishes require completely clear days while others can be cooked with some cloud cover.

Some of the recipes added to the cookbook include:

Motto’s Sephardic Matza Ball Soup, Pepperoni Egg Bake, Turkey Rice Casserole, Elaine’s Easy Chicken Dinner, Chicken Jambalaya, Beer Simmered Beef, and Chicken Mole The book also features recipes created by the Solar Gourmet – David Menicucci, such as Riboletta and Italian Chicken with Wild Mushrooms.

“The Solar Chef” cookbook can be purchased from the Global Sun Oven company.