Solar Ranch Goals

The goals and aspirations of Solar Ranch leadership are to inspire others to think beyond their personal comfort and find a way to participate in preserving our world, not just philosophically but through practical applications, and at the same time create a sustainable lifestyle – one that prepares us to ride any challenge the world throws at us.

We don’t have to be millionaires or extreme environmentalists to make a difference in the world around us.  We simply have to recognize and change one small thing today, make it a habit, then find another small thing to change.

Many people feel empowered by their ability to use and destroy –  not at the level of world powers but in the simple act of buying a coke, drinking it and tossing it away, instead of putting it in a recycle bin where it will be useful.    A throw away mentality is the way people say “I will do as I please and don’t give a rat’s ass what it means to anyone or anything else.”

How much poison are we drinking and bathing in only because someone doesn’t want weeds or certain bugs in his yard and the easiest way to get rid of them is to buy pesticides or herbicides and spray liberally?   It’s like people don’t have a clue that those poisons are washed off plants in the rain and washed through sewers and culverts to streams and rivers which are used downstream for drinking water.

How many skills are dying out as big business shoves ads in our faces telling us how much better our lives will be if we take our resources and give them away for a momentary pleasure?

Solar Ranch brings books and products to people to help them achieve a new personal enlightenment of how to become aware of ways, big and small, in which we can create a healthful, sustainable live for ourselves and those around us.